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updated a bit, 11/25/2014
11/14/2015 Getting ready to move into new property. Will update you'all as soon as settled into it. Auntie, 88, is coming, too!

02/18/2016 Pretty much moved in and set up though still some chaos, some, "where is what?" You know if you ever moved!

Lots of new marbles not on the website yet. Need some sleep!!!


    Buffalo skull.
Jake just wants one little bitty bite of dinner, please!


Sammy, the photo critic
snoozing on the job.

He was a dumper kitty
with a messed up hip.
Now he RULES!...even the dogs.

Mom's old cat, Kitty Cat, takes life a lot more seriously.


Next time you vote, remember that Kitty Cat TOLD you to do so!

We feed a lot of birds year round.

Helps with the cat food bill...



Our view each morning.
Welcome to the Ozarks.


(for you city folk, this is a wild turkey just like the Indians and the pilgrims totally enjoyed!)

Moth on Mom's bedroom wall.
Shhh...he thinks he is camo'd!

Some friends had a
horseback wedding.

Really Wonderful.

Update 3 years later:


Mom gets a lunch break from bagging marbles for you!

Lois Benson
December 1926 ~ September 2011
The house is very empty now.

Here is Mom with our "yard pet", Smilla, the blind one

Smilla was old mare who was on her way to the killers many years ago because she was blind.

I traded some scrap metal for her and she became part of the family and neighborhood ever since.

Smilla went up and down our private dirt road; in and out of the yard. She listened for my footsteps and would stamp her front hoof when she wanted breakfast.

Smilla developed brain cancer in her elder years.
Now she rests in peace also.

Here's my first attempt at a photo collage. It is Mom when  we were scouting the creek in the winter time (when the rattleheadedcoppermocassins are fast asleep in some deep hole.) She was 83 in this picture and was having a lot of fun posing in front of the huge Sycamore tree.

BABY praying mantis! He was almost dead so I gave him a drop
of water on my finger tip to drink.

He wouldn't leave! He would jump back on my finger anytime I got close enough to his perch on the African Violet.

This went on for THREE days.

Then he was gone.
Hop Hope he made it!

Another tiny creature rescue! This little guy got trapped and I rescued him.

Soon the hummer was drinking from drops of water on my finger tip.

No fear at all. Amazing! After a while it flew away, back into our forest.

Jake is done for the day!

Guess that's all for now, folks!